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We're best friends, soul mates,

& married silversmiths!

In 2015, we moved cross country from Huntington, West Virginia & are now based in Mountainair, New Mexico.

We feel so fortunate to get to work from home creating & making sterling silver jewelry together. 

Luna Mesa has been our full time job since 2012 & we love working together side by side. It's such an incredible feeling being able to do what you love most.

(Especially with the one you love the most!)

Everything we do is designed, produced

& packaged by us! Whenever you order from

our shop, we are the ones packing it up,

placing a label on it, & handing it off to the mailman.

We take pride in everything we do & it means so much to us to be able to connect with people

all over the world through our jewelry.

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