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Five Tips for jewelry care

Care for your jewelry responsibly & you'll keep it for generations to come, here are five tips!

Tip 1-

I cannot stress this enough- Always, always, always remove your jewelry before washing, using hand sanitizer, oils, applying makeup etc. Certain chemicals can actually change the color of your stones & oxidize your silver.

Tip 2-

Keep a few trinket dishes around your home where you like to hang out or where you may wash your hands. These make for great places to keep your jewelry & easily find them later.

I really like to use woven grass baskets for mine!

Tip 3-

I love to travel & taking my jewelry with me is a must! I like to use a piece of fabric to roll up my necklaces in. This also keeps them from moving & scratching one another while on the go. Plus, unrolling it makes me feel like I have my own little altar where ever I go!

Tip 4-

Worried about snagging your favorite sweater? Turn your rings around (palm side in) & clutch them while putting your arms through the sleeves. I learned this the hard way- you can thank me later!

Tip 5-

Packing your keepsakes away? Store your jewelry with anti-tarnish tabs in ziplocks or an airtight container to keep your pieces shiny bright!

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